Is your business slow? Not getting much traffic through your doors?
By using these popular Black Portable Signs you will generate far more traffic and increase your bottom line, more than even a scrolling LED! It is a proven fact!

Our most popular selling portable sign is the Black
Portable Sign which includes 280 Pink and Yellow fluorescent letters, numbers and symbols.
The frames are made of strong square tubing which is powdercoated for long lasting durability, the sign letter backboard is weatherproof and will never need painting.
The fluorescent letters are Very High visibility.
Potential customers will have a hard time missing your messages with these Black Signs and Fluorescent Letters
There are 3 Portable Black Sign models available anytime and can be custom made also.

The standard sizes are as follows,
4' H x 4' W with 280 letters, numbers and symbols.
4' H x 8' W with 280 letters, numbers and symbols.
6' H x 8' W with 280 letters, numbers and symbols.

Remember that we can custom build a Black sign to your specifications and these signs can also be mounted on a trailer for even more portability.
Just Contact Us for these options.

4' H x 4' W, 4' H x 8' W and 6' H x 8' W Black Signs With 280 Letters, Numbers and Symbols.

These Portable Black Signs are Easily assembled and comes apart for easy flat storage.
Includes 280 - 8" Letters, Numbers & Symbols.
Pink and,Yellow Fluorescent Colors.
Five letter lines on each side.
This sign is free standing and is easily anchored. Adjustable Legs, Sign faces are adjustable up and down. Powdercoated, never repaint sign face! 

All Signs delivered in 10 business days.
Shipping costs below for the 48 contiguous U.S. states only, others please contact us.

Call 320-247-3926 to order or for more information.

Portable Black Sign Model #SSBS44 (4' H x 4' W)
Only $749.95 w/Free Shipping

Portable Black Sign Model #SSBS48 (4' H x 8' W)
Only $1049.95 w/Free Shipping

Portable Black Sign Model #SSBS68 (6' H x 8' W)
Only $1289.95 w/Free Shipping

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4' H x 4' W Portable Black Signs are available. This is just an example. Your sign will have a full face.

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